It was a frosty winter evening in a distant land called Vinland, pristine land discovered by Leif Eriksson. Midwinter, a few days before the Yule celebration. A small group of Vikings, led by Knut Ironhand, ventured deep into the forest in pursuit of a band of native warriors.They found a strange glade, full of weird wooden structures and ancient, mysterious totems. There was something unnatural in this place that sent a chill down their spines.
A young warrior Halfdan, very superstitious and God-fearing by nature, was particularly concerned.
- I don't like it, I don't like this place, we should go back to the camp. I think this could be some kind of burial ground or place of worship. We don't know their customs. What if we anger some powerful ancient deities or demons?
- Burial ground you say? Good! So we will certainly find some treasures here, buried by these savages! You better start looking, before the rest find out about this place and beat us to it. Knut said.
- Last night before the attack, you took that native girl against her will, you shouldn't do that Knut, maybe she was some kind of priestess or witch... maybe she put a curse on us.
- Stop whining like an old woman, they never want it but they always like it, haha. Knut laughed loudly.
- It's too quiet... I have a bad feeling about this. We should go back! Halfdan's voice was shaking.
- You always have a bad feeling about everything. You're starting to bore me, better sing me a song, Halfdan. And why do you smell like a wet dog... Halfdan?!

The story of the last day of Knut Ironhand and his company in the wild land called Vinland :) Cheers!

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