The fire demon of the rainforests
The fire demon of the rainforests

As you know, I rarely refer to current affairs in my work, but this whole situation with rainforest fires in South America really makes me sad and angry. And a few weeks ago a similar situation in Syberia... It is really heartbreaking for me when I think about all these animals and amazing wild nature ecosystem which will just vanish. I don't have enough knowledge to speak on this topic, for sure it is a lot more complicated than it seems, but I just wanted to make something, to not feel totally useless, and support everyone who tries fight with this catastrophic situation, Junglekeepers and all my friends in Brazil.

It would be much more beautiful if we could unite in a heroic fight with some powerful demon ... unfortunately, the reality is much less heroic and it seems that we, as a species, are the demon in that story :(

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